Alternatives to Getting Liposuction Treatment

Britons spent £31m on ‘body-forming’ procedures last year – was this money wasted?

We live in an age of mass media, where we are constantly reminded of how beautiful we could be. In a world where we are consistently presented with images and videos that challenge our conception of what a ‘good’ body is, more and more British people are feeling pressured into undertaking serious surgical procedures in order to make their bodies conform with what they perceive to be the societal norm.

Television and film have long been hailed as the purporters of false body images, but now we’ve reached a point in civilisation where people themselves have become the sharers and producers of damaging media.

Every day thousands of photos are shared by people wishing to show off their toned, or slim physiques – whilst there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, often the images fail to mention how much effort and dieting has contributing in producing these bodies. 21st Century people are increasingly looking for quick-fixes and the same approach is now being taken to how we change our bodies.

Any cosmetic surgery involves a risk to the patient and should be considered a last resort. Make sure you try these ideas out before you get tempted to pay for a tummy tuck:

Commit to an exercise regime

If you’re unhappy with your body then your first step should be finding an exercise regime that helps you target and change those parts of your body that you’re least happy with. Whilst walking, running and spending time on a cross-trainer can prove beneficial to the entire body, you might find that getting a personalised exercise regime from a personal trainer will help you gets results faster.

Adapt your diet

A poor diet is often at the core of many weight issues, but don’t be tempted to simply cut down what you eat. The content of your diet is far more important that the quantity of your diet. The NHS website has some fantastic resources on how to build a healthy diet, common sense and planning are often required to make the necessary change.

Learn to love your body

Our bodies aren’t built to be perfect and (unfortunately) we are not all destined to be supermodels. In order to love your body you should have realistic goals for your appearance and consider that you might have to live with your imperfections forever, these imperfections are also likely to increase the older you get.

Wear figure flattering clothes

If you’re engaging in regular exercise and adapting your diet appropriately, then you can always think about wearing clothes that are more likely to flatter your figure. Darker colours tend to make the wearer seem slimmer and the deployment of certain patterns, such as stripes and bands can often have a similar effect.

Don’t look for a quick fix

Patience is key when seeking to change your body image. Change is not something that simply occurs over night, especially when you are making radical changes to your activity and diet. In order to see results you should remain positive and committed to your goal.